Self Drive

The most popular way to drive the Nurburgring, in your own car!

Why self drive?

Die hard fans love the 2am alarm, the epic road trip with friends, the socialising on route, the trill of the journey!

Touristfahrten or Tourest Driving is the most popular way to drive the Nurburgring, you’ll need to check the opening times of your planned dates before booking your trip, you can view them on our Calendar Page or simply click the icon below.

Alternative and definitely worth the consideration is to attend an official track day planned by those in the business, our preferred track day supplier is Circuit Days and to make things simple you can visit our shop to book a place on this years Nurburgring 700!

Over the past ten years, we here at Nurburgring Drivers have taken the Self Drive route and its only now that we are looking at the Fly Drive alternative for the reasons covered on the Fly Drive Page.

We have put together a quick guide below to help you plan your visit via Air transport.

How to get there

A quick guide to help you plan your route.

Including important postcodes and tips

Ferry Booking

Everything you need in one place to arrange your ferry crossing at the best possible rates.

Book early for the best rates.

Nurburgring Accomodation

At Nurburg you’ll find loads of fantastic places to stay. You can choose from the historic town or you can stay in the NEW complex.

You may even want to treat yourself to a few nights at the Dorint?

Driving in Europe

OK, so you find yourself on the other side of the road, make a note of this, it goes really wrong if you forget!

Remember you’ll be driving through many different countries and must understand their rules and laws.

Nurburgring Insurance

The subject that many people will avoid.

Its a question never asked at the track side but must be understood.

European Breakdown

So you breakdown at the side of the Autobahn, how are you going to get home?

We have it covered for you here with a quick guide and great supplier.

Car Preparation

We say it time and time again to people, the Nurburgring is NOT the place for a shed or a poorly maintained vehicle.

You risk your own safety and the safety of others.

Here we have a guide to keep it tip top!

Nurburgring Safety

When you drive the Nurburgring you agree to follow some simple rules for your own safety and the safety of others.

Take some time to watch the video, print the rules and understand them before you set off on your trip and onto the circuit.

Nurburgring Trip Cost

To help you plan your trip we’ve put together a few examples for you.

Wether you’re heading to the Nurburgring to drive it or to watch the Formula 1 we have it covered.

Nordshleife Lap Cost

Since 2010 we have been monitoring the lap price cost and have all the information here for you.

The is up dated annually as soon as the new prices are launched.

Nurburgring Check List

We here at NRD love to be organised so we have compiled a check list to make sure you have everything covered for you trip to the Nurburgring.

We still use it today after 10 years!

Official Checklists

We have check lists for everything at NRD, within reason, here you’ll find everything you’ll need for the ultimate petrol head trip of a lifetime!