Ring Taxi

The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

The Ring Taxi is a taxi which is a little different.

It’s a 420bhp BMW M3 E90 for a start (previously a 500bhp BMW M5) and you’ll find that your taxi driver is in actual fact a rather competent BMW M Power Instructor who has driven the circuit once or twice before.

Your taxi fare will pay for a single lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife Circuit in about 8 minutes and maybe a change of underwear depending on your disposition.

The BMW M5 has evolved over the years and consequently, so has the Ring Taxi. For 2011 BMW have opted for the NEW BMW M3 E90

The most famous Ring Taxi driver is “The Queen of the Ring”, Sabine Schmitz.

Sabine was brought to our attention during an episode of Top Gear when Jeremy Clarkson thought to beat the 10 minute barrier in a Diesel Jaguar.

We have a dedicated thread here to keep up to date with the latest news.

To book a hot lap in the BMW Ring Taxi go here.