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MX5 Enduro Crash


If you think Darren was the subject of fowl play in this video please donate your pocket change to help him rebuild his race car and race again in 2014.

As a thank you for your donation please feel free to send in your company stickers and we'll put them on the race car for 2014. Please contact us for our address.

Thank you for your support!


I'm sure by now you have seen the MX5 Enduro Crash Croft video below which saw Darren Shepsmans 2013 race season come to a sudden end. Luckily for Darren but not so much so for his competitor the evidence of the incident was recorded on his Motorsport Go Pro for all to see.


Many people around the paddock and throughout the UK have enjoyed watching Darren's progress with the Pelican Speed Team over the past 2 years in his battles in the sadly now fragmented Ma5da Championships. He's always tried hard and raced clean and professionally. Sadly this past weekend at Croft he was subject to the incident featured in the video below. Luckily for Darren he wasn't seriously hurt and is eternally grateful for the HANS Device that he was wearing at the time. Sadly, yet unsurprisingly the race car is a write off.


What we wanted to do for Darren and Pelican Speed is to try to raise the money for him to race again next year which is what this page is all about.


Thanks to all who have donated and paypal update

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far – it’s really helped Daz get things underway for next season. We have today updated the PayPal link to go straight to Darren’s account rather than via our sales account. Fear not though, Darren received 100% of the donations we received as we have set this appeal simply to help him out not make money for ourselves! Thanks again for your support and see you at the mighty Nurburgring some day! Ian NRD


Thanks to John Joey Michael Aaron Jospeh Christian and Jeroen

Thanks to the following fabulous people – we’ve included comments from the individuals.

John – Ireland
Joey – Canada
Michael – UK
Aaron – USA

“I know it’s not much, but hope this helps with your rebuild project, hope that guy never sees the track again, that was completely deliberate, glad to hear you’re alright”.

Seriously Aaron, every little helps and thanks for your contribution”!

Jospeh – USA

“As a fellow racer I feel your pain. You clearly had the passing line and he clearly drove right into you. The most important thing is you walked away to race another day. I know this isn’t much, but I hope it helps you get back on the circuit”.

“It will indeed Jospeh”!

Christian – USA

“I’m broke as nobody’s business, but every little bit counts I suppose. I’d hope people would help me out if I’d been screwed over like that”.

Thanks for the contribution!

Jeroen – Netherlands

“Saw the video on Jalopnik, and could not believe your bad luck. So I’m adding 13GBP into the mix because double negative equals positive. Hope it helps”.

We can’t thank you enough everyone! Thanks for contribution.


More Thanks for Donations

More AWESOME people to say thanks to…

Duane – USA (Great comment, we shared it with Daz but can’t post it here)
Marcus – UK
Stijn – Belgium
Double Click Solutions Ltd – UK
Stephen – UK
Nicolas – Canada

A really big thanks to you all…


Marcus – UK – Thank you

Marcus wrote “…you represent people like me who dream of racing who then get a chance on a shoe string, then to have your car destroyed by a complete ****** like that is not on, Only sorry I cannot spare more so you could get a proper job done…”

It’s great to hear from you all when you donate so please feel free to add a comment to your donation and we’ll post them up here.