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Norfolkline Sat Nav Information

Sat Nav Information, Norfolkline, Export Freight Plaza, Eastern Dock, Dover, Kent CT16 1JA

Norfolkline How to book your ferry

This site is here to make things easy so what we’ll do for each trip is post all the booking information you need to fill in your Norfolkline ferry form to ensure the group all get on the same crossing.

The details along with any discount codes will be posted in the Nurburgring Drivers Community Forums > Events.

As soon as you have all the information you need and are ready to book your crossing:

1) Click the link above to be taken to the booking page
2) On the left side of the booking page you’ll have the “Book online” box (see below for example)

3) Copy all the information from Next Event to the “Book online” box and don’t forget to check below for any offer codes. Click, Book/Get a quote
4) Follow the on screen instructions
5) Once you receive your confirmation email, print a copy of your booking details and pop it in your trip file.