Fly Drive

Possibly the simplest and safest way to enjoy the Nurburgring!

Why Fly drive?

With the ever increasing price of fuel, wear and tear on your car and the time it takes to get to the Nurburgring the Fly Drive option is becoming ever more tempting for many fans!

Flights can be less than the fuel you’ll use to get to the ring and the greatest worry of all for fans, Insurance, can be taken care of from your track car supplier!

We have put together a quick guide below to help you plan your visit via Air transport.


Flights into Germany are available from all major airports in the UK and around the world. Depending on your closest Airport you may need to consider which German Airport to fly into. For example, people based in Southampton UK would probably choose to fly from Southampton Airport into Dusseldorf Rhein Ruhr International Airport Germany while those people based in London would probably prefer to fly into Cologne/Bonn International Airport as it is closer to the Nurburgring. The easiest way to decide where to fly into is to work out the difference between traveling to the Departure Airport in your home country vs Arrival Airport in Germany to the Nurburgring.

Simply click the icon above to book your flight at the best current rate!


Once you’re in Germany you’ll need to get from the Airport to Nurburg where you’ll find the Nurburgring (odd that?).

You’ll be able to book your hire car by clicking the icon above.

Please remember that this car won’t be the one you’ll be taking onto the Nurburgring. Many hire car companies will strictly prohibit the use of there cars for this purpose!


At Nurburg you’ll find loads of fantastic places to stay. You can choose from the historic town, which is where we here at Nurburgring Drivers prefer to stay or you can stay in the NEW complex.

You may even want to treat yourself to a few nights at the Dorint?

Drive the Ring

RSR Nurburg should be your first choice for all your driving needs at the Nürburgring.

Just take a look at there up-to-date garage with a wide range of race car rentals for the old Nordschleife via the icon above.

View the Garage here.

Book a trackday with RSR, receive top quality instruction in German, Dutch or English, or rent a car for the famous Nürburgring public driving “touristenfahrten” sessions on either the Nordschleife or GP track.

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