“North Circuit or Loop”

Original use 1927 - 1939

The track was opened in 1927 as the “Nürburgring Nordschleife” which included the Sudschleife. In 1939 the full Ring circuit was used for the last time in major racing events as some disciplines preferred the safer Sudschleife circuit. F1 opted to use only the Nordschleife circuit.

Moving forward with the times 1967 - 1983

In 1967 a new chicane was added called Hohenrain to reduce the speed at the entry to the pit lane. This was at the start of the start/finish straight. The Nordschleife was reconstructed in 1970/71. This was due to the demands of the F1 drivers of the time who believed the track to be unsafe following the fatal accident of Piers Courage at Zandvoort. The work included ironing out some bumps and jumps and replacing hedges with armco it also included straightening out following the racing line. Between 1973 and 1976 further changes included the introduction of the left hand corner after the Metzgesfeld sweeping corner to slow down the entrance to Kallenhard. Some jumps and bumps were removed from the main straight and widening undertaken. In 1976 F1 left the Nordschleife as the track owners could not meet the increasing demands of the FIA and safety standards. In 1982 – 1983 the run off areas were improved at the Aremberg and Brunchen corners. More ironing out of the bumps and jumps was undertaken and racing line markers were painted onto the circuit.

A New Beginning?

In 1984 the new Grand Prix circuit was opened, the Nurburgring. Many fans who love the original circuit think that it is not worthy of the name as it has none of the Nordschleife’s character.